Breitling Navimeter 2100 Pluton

Breitling start production of Navimeter 2100 in 1980y and end of production in1985y, this is in my opinion one of the most interesting and the most beautiful models of analog-digital real pilot watches.

This model was officialy use France and Yugoslav air forces in 80s, the mine belonged to the Yugoslav Air Forces, on the back cover is engraved a sign of (RV i PVO)  in translate it means (Air Force and Anti Aircraft Defense) ,  sticker on back is original and says that this watch is practically new.

Air Force Pilots of the former JNA (Jugoslav National Army) in 80s officially issued Breitling Pluto 2100, but many of this early models had one big flaw on module ESA Y2 900.231  and that is the electronic circuit of the digital watch part. Specifically problem is in bad built processor that controls the digital clock and its quickly by itself broke down, so on many of those watches digital part is dont work and the analog part of the most works great. Analog part is very quality built, movement is all metal construction and have 7 jewels.

This defect on digital part is almost impossible to repair, the only way is replacing the entire electronic circuit or all module. In the subsequent series this problem is solved, and if you find one that is completely correct working (analog and digital) you can safely buy that example, and make sure that it will work correctly.

ESA Y2 900.231 is also built into many other less known brands and even in some much cheaper watches like German MBO and MeisterAnker, so you can for little money found same module in these models. From time to time on E-bay appears some NOS correct ESA Y2 900.231 module at high prices, my advice to you is to not buying that because although it is correct does not necessarily mean that after a while will by itself be broke down (because it might be from the first series which was not done properly). It is much safer to buy an old watch with such a module that has long been in all working condition.

When you press the left button entering in the chronograph mode, chronograph start/stop pressing the right button and reset to left button. When you in time mode press right button and will appear seconds and date on display. For setting digital watch press both buttons at the same time.

Very quality build all stainless steel oversize case (42mm without crown, 46mm with crown), mineral glass with inside print, bi-directional rotating bezel, the screw-down crown and original solid stainless steel link bracelet is the facts that this Breitling makes really attractive after nearly 40y since it is produced.

The successor of this model is presented 1986y and it name is Navimeter 3100, at first glance very similar but successor is not even close to predecessor because the movement in it is Seiko H461 or Pulsar Y652 (same movements with different signs) with only 2jewels on analog part, also on movement have many plastic parts.

I enjoy wearing this fantastic vintage pilot watch, on the wrist from afar you see that it is not something that every day sees. On pics you see the Navimeter 2100 in original box for that model.

This is real tool watch.







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Date: May 21, 2017
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