Bulova Accutron SNORKEL 666 feet

Sport watches from the end of 60 – ies and the beginning of 70 – ties, definitely, have a special charm.

In early 70s, Bulova launched the tuning fork watch for  diving – Snorkel, this fantastic buzzer is interesting is the fact that on the dial writes 666 feet, or 200 meters.

All brands which are in feet expressing waterproof avoided that this figure caption, and wrote the approximate value probably because of the meaning of this number (666)…

Watch working very accurate, inner bezel rotates by up crown … today this model reaches high prices, of course, if it is authentic, because there is a reissue on market today that only resembles the original, you’ll easily recognize the difference if you compare them.

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Item Summary

Date: July 20, 2015
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Brand: Bulova (CH)
Condition: Like new in a box
Period: 1970's
Category: Diver

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