Collector tip: Changing the Aquastar Glasstar bezel

How to change the Aquastar Glasstar bezel

I got this question a few times and I thought I write a short tutorial on changing the Aquastar glasstar bezel . If you want to know more about the Aquastar glasstar, please read our blogpost. What you need is shown here. A Glasstar watch of course, a new bezel (here in 2 pieces) and a flat not sharp tool. I used a pair of tweezers. I changed a black bezel for a yellow bezel so the 4 easy steps are even more easy to follow.

Step 1: Remove the old Aquastar glasstar bezel insert

Surly you want to be removing the current bezel with care so you could mount it again later. In case both bezels are to your liking you could repeat these simple steps which only take a few minutes and you can wear them as you please.

Take your tweezers or other flat dull object under the exciting bezel. Use a non sharp object so you will not scratch the crystal. Use a flat tool so you will not damage the bezel inner edge. As shown above. The bezel is made up of 2 parts. The bezel insert which is held in the bezel ring by friction. Pushing it up a little makes it pop out.

As you can see there is a little hole in the bezel ring shown above at the lowest position. When turning the bezel insert it looks as shown below. A little piece of plastic on the edge of the bezel insert. This will exactly fit the hole.

Step 2: Remove the old Aquastar Glasstar bezel ring

The inside of the bezel ring has 6 fingers pointing inwards which holds the bezel in place underneath the case age. These fingers also account for the working of the bezel, fixing it in place every small turn. The better the shape of these fingers, the more tightly the bezel will move and stay in place.

The tweezers point towards one of the small fingers shown through a larger opening in the case age, just above the crown. This is handy for releasing a few of the vingers. The bezel ring is a little flexible now so putting a little pressure on it from the opposite side (non crown side), you can release 2 fingers and the third finger through the hole above the crown. All is pretty loose now as shown below.

When 3 fingers are released you can maneuver the bezel ring away by releasing all the finger in a sideways motion. You then have what is shown below.

Step 3: Placing the new Aquastar glasstar bezel ring

Check your new bezel as shown below. The bezel insert should have a little piece of plastic attached to the outside. The bezel ring should have a small hole, both shown next to each other in the middle of the picture. The bezel ring should have 6 fingers. If not, one could have broken off due to unwise removal. The ring will still be usable but will fit less snug. A bezel insert without piece of plastic can still be mounted or even glued in but this will loose your chance of easy removal / installation.

You then take the new bezel ring and insert it partially as shown below. You could press it a little more in place, using the gap in the case above the crown. With a fingernail or toothpick you can gently push the fingers in place.

When insert correctly as shown below, you should be able to turn the bezel ring already around the case. Find the small opening in order to go to the next step.

Step 4: Placing the new Aquastar glasstar bezel insert

You press the bezel insert partially in place and make sure the little piece of plastic in the bezel insert edge fits in the small opening in the bezel ring as shown before. It should look like below. I side of the bezel insert is snug with the height of the bezel ring.

You then gently push down on the high part of the bezel insert, molding the bezel ring a little with pressure to make sure it snaps into place. The entire edge of the bezel insert should fit snug with the top part of the bezel ring, making it appear to be an one piece bezel. Friction alone should hold everything in place. Check it if the bezel runs smoothly. If not…try again.

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