Chronometric Compass 100m (Rambo watch)

This is absolutely rare and top quality Swiss vintage real military watch build and made of premium materials and incredible quality. This example dated from early 90s.

There are many versions or Rambo watch, the most appreciated version is “Squale”, but this Chronometric is even better made. I also had  model of Squale so I can really estimate the difference.

More specifically, the difference between them (Squale and Chronometric) is in the mechanism for closing the upper movable part (watch), the lower part is a compass.  Chronometric has a lock system that is 100% safe, when it closed it can not by itself open by accident when you move on your wrist, on Squale models it is a ball that pushed by the spring which is on older watch weakens and the watch can be opened by itself and it’s not safe.  Also, on all other models, the upper part when opening moves towards the hand, which is not ergonomic and does not allow the hand to move and can cause damage to the watch. On Chronometric upper part when open move in the opposite direction from the hand so you can move your hand in all directions without fear that you will damage the watch.

The Chronometric watch is more massive than Squale and it’s a lot heavier. It is burnt like a weapon (have same colour as a gun),  it is all stainless steel case with saphire crystal on watch, working perfect. Movement is a top quality vintage Swiss made 7 jewels quartz green ETA-ESA 555112 with procesor B202 . Reliable and secure that will always show you the exact time.

You can rotate compass at 360 degrees in the lower part of the case, bezel also rotate (60 click) in one direction, crown have specilal lock system when it is neutral position it can not turn.

All images taken in macro mode and shows all tiny details from all angles, nothing is hidden.

Here are the exact dimensions:

width measured when the watch is closed is 47,5mm

height measured from lug to lug is 44.5mm

thickness is 14.5mm

width bracelet/strap is 20mm

This is an extremely rare model that cost a lot in the early 90’s, today the opportunity to find this again is almost impossible. This is a real military tool – not souvenir. Perfect unique Holy Grail watch.


Item Summary

Price: € 950
Status: Available

Brand: No Brand
Condition: Near mint
Period: 1990's
Category: Chronometre

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