Ftd: the panda dial chronograph

The panda dial chronograph. What does a fluffy black and white bear have to do with watches?  In the watch comunity it is often found that someone starts with a nickname and then the others run with it. Same seems to happen with the pronounciation of watch brand names and parts.

Find the real Panda

Well check the pictures below. I would say…let’s Ftd -> Find the differences.

Eberjax panda dial Seiko_6138_Panda chronograph panda picture zodiac-triple-date-panda chrono

I think it is easy to agree upon that a panda dial watch needs a white dial with some black subdials on them. But needs these registers be round? Do we need 2 or 3 subdial to make it a panda dial? Does it matter if there are extra windows for date / month display, color of the hands. Does it matter if there is a inner or outer bezel? Possition and shape of the registers?  Who cares! I think it is clear that a Panda dial is a white / silver dial on a chronograph with black subdials.

Panda dials in different variations

The inverse of a panda dial would be a black dial with white sub registers. Often refered to as a reverse panda dial chronograph. But if the dial was not black but blue like the Arvor chronograph below. That would be the Blue reversed Panda dial!

Heuer_Camaro_30 Arvor blue reversed pand dial chronograph

The we have chronographs with extra colors like the Wittnauer below with the red bezel. I would suggest a red panda chronographs (these do actually excist in nature…red Panda’s).

Wittnauer_Panda_Dial_with red 4 register panda dial chronograph

And is the about the above Universal-tri-compax with triple date, moonphase and chronograph still just a panda dial with an extra register? I suggest refering to it as a complex panda or Compax Panda.

Case and register shape


The above 4 (reverse) panda dial chronographs are all just slightly different they also have the more square case design. Two of them also have square registers. Two of them have inner tachymeters with a different color. The Elvia even has red hour markers and hands. I would still say these are panda dial chronographs, well to refer to them in general. I think it is safe to say when talking about a Panda dial chronograph we are not refering to the form of the case or the amount of registers, mostly to the fact that the subdials are a different color. And just for the record, the watch I would dominate as the true Panda chronograph (if only the pushers were black).

Citizen bullhead panda

The 1970’s Citizen bullhead panda dial chronograph.






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