Gubelin G Quartz – Cuff watch

70s of the last century are the golden age in the watchmaking industry, especially if we take in mind the unusual models that are designed outside of any cliches that existed and which even today modern watches is not much different then that cliches, but some models from 70s is totaly unique.

Gubelin is the exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer with a long tradition which is at the end of the second half of the 70s on the market out really unusually designed watch with hi-end of tehnology from that age, Quartz movement 7jewels (ETA)ESA9181(83)  early movenent witch launch on the market in 1973y who installed the top brands in their watches,  today this movement build quality and precision far ahead of modern movenents of this class.

Gubelin G Quartz is a large size (width 45mm, height 40mm, thickness 12mm)  watch is composed of three blocks of quality Stainless Steel fine finish parts which are connected by screws, realy massive watch,  a bracelet is easy to adapting with different wrist thicknesses and is indestructible.

It was produced in two colors dial, white and blue,  which blue is rarer.

Gubelin G called Cuff watch because of the characteristic bracelet,  it is rare model.

This sculpture on the wrist breaks all stereotypes in the design of watches, this out of time design will always  attract attention.

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Date: October 13, 2016
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Brand: No Brand
Condition: Near mint
Period: 1970's
Category: Design

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