Rotax Ralleytime Chronograph Landeron 248

Rare Rotax Ralleytime Chronograph. A very good looking high quality watch by a small watch brand. The quality is in the details. The 35,5 mm (not measuring the original crown) watch case is made of all stainless steel. In addition there is beautiful gold plated Landeron 248 movement inside. The highest finish that could be purchased from Landeron in 1960-1970’s, the era this watch was produced in. Ther eis a seperate Tachymeter ring inside the plastic crystal, another sign of quality and high detail! The case back has a reference number as well. Overall this watch has a mint dial, great hands and a beautiful fully functional movement (service history unknown though). It is a watch that has not seen much wrist time. I put it on a quality leather strap with stainless steel folding clasp to match. No box or papers, ready to wear!

Item Summary

Price: € 750
Status: Available

Brand: Rotary (UK)
Condition: Excellent
Period: 1960's
Category: Chronograph, Mechanical

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