What-a-watch: Seiko 6119-5401 automatic

Seiko 6119-5401 blue silver brown Seiko 6119-5401 blue silver brown Seiko 6119-5401 blue silver brown Seiko 6119-5401 blue silver brown


Here are 3 Seiko 6119-5401 with different dial colors. There is the blue version, the silver version and the brown version. All are working and entirely original, including original bracelets that fit a large wrist. The silver one is from February 1974 with English / Arabic day with 19mm bracelet. The Blue from April 1974 and has a English / Roman day wheel and 20mm bracelet. The brown one is from March 1974 has a English / German day wheel and also 20mm bracelet. The Silver version has different hand and folding clasp, this is all original to this model.

The Seiko in the 1970 were the best value for money. All stainless steel, different colors to choose from and a stainless steel bracelet. Inside an automatic movement with day and date. In addition a great design that made your watch stand out, whitout screaming SPACEAGE! Now these great pieces can still be found for very reasonable prices, so still great value today!


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Date: November 22, 2017
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Brand: Seiko (JP)
Condition: Very good
Period: 1970's
Category: Design, Mechanical

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