Seiko chronograph automatic 6138-7000 (Pilot calculator)

This example produce in february 1976y, it’s a rather rare model especially if it has a third transparent rotating ring which is mostly broken on these models. This is in perfect condition which can be easily concluded if you look carefully more than 30 macro images of watch which show the watch from all angles, show tiny details which you can hardly notice with a naked eye.

Original Japan made automatic movemet cal. 6138 is fully serviced and working perfect as well as chronograph – reset to zero precisely without errors. Pushers work lightly without stuck, bracelet have full size.

This is a very big masive and heavy watch, here are the exact measures:

width measured without crown is 44mm

width measured with crown is 46mm

height measured from lug to lug is 47mm

thickness measured with glass is 15mm.

The ability to find this model in such condition very small, I’ve been collecting watches more than 20 years and I’ve never encountered a better copy. This one is a perfect, it works and it looks like it was bought yesterday.

Seiko Pilot Calculator is a Holy Grail of vintage Seiko Chronographs.

Item Summary

Brand: Seiko (JP)
Condition: Near mint
Period: 1970's
Category: Chronograph

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