Seiko Seikomatic-P 33jewels

Very rare and collectible Seiko Seikomatic-P model especialy if it have original bracelett like this one Seiko 5106-7000.

All stainless steel classical Hi-End of Seiko models which are produce in late 60s is this example, perfect condition as you can see on macro images from all angles that shows detail that cant be notice with naked eye. Watch without trace of use and scratch, it is important to note that all parts of it original and there is no replacement parts. Perfect condition.

Movement is Hi-quality Japan made automatic Seiko cal. 5106 with 33jewels, also have handwinding, date settings by pushing crown. Movement is cleaned and working great as day/date function. Max. bracelett size measured when close is 19,5cm.

This example is produce in December 1969y.


Item Summary

Brand: Seiko (JP)
Condition: Near mint
Period: 1960's
Category: Mechanical

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