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Sicura. A watch company with several different entries on the records of the Chamber of Commerce:
– Montres Sicura S.A. Grenchen
– Sicura Uhren A.G. Grenchen
– Sicura Watch Company Ltd. Grenchen
…and also connected to the Breitling Watch Company


Sicura was a brand in existence in the 1960’s and 1970’s—but I don’t think before the Sixties. Because its founder, Ernest Schneider, was a pilot, watch manufacturer and microelectronics specialist all rolled into one, many different models made with different purposes were made.

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There were technical watches like jump-hour pieces, solar powered models, divers and many watches with chronograph and other functions—such as world-time models.

Sicura Diver


Nowadays, Sicura wristwatches are collected but ordinary models do not fetch very high prices. Sicura watches are easily identified by the nice coat-of-arms on the back. Other models are remarkable only by their lower quality manufacture. Often inexpensive movements and non-steel cases were used for the cheaper models. Sicura watches were popular in their day, though, because they were inexpensive and kept pace with latest watch design fashions. Sicura’s attention to fashion lead them to produce a diverse range of timepieces.

Sicura Led


“In 1979, the Breitling firm was closed. The low-priced offerings from the Far East, the price war, the inflated Swiss Franc, the increasing shift to electronic watches on the part of the public, and finally the illness of Willy Breitling, are the basic reasons that caused him to close down his firm. Despite this, Willy Breitling wanted to keep the name of this world famous firm alive and looked for a practical solution. A saviour came to Breitling’s rescue in the person of Ernest Schneider. He was convinced that the Breitling brand was worth the effort of saving as it had always stood for excellent quality and had the potential to keep doing so.

Sicura Chronograph


After long consideration, Ernest decided that the Sicura brand would step down because of Breitling’s greater potential. Some of the Breitling watches produced after 1979 share similar features with Sicura watches from the same period and therefore look somewhat alike. These three models were the Jupiter, Mars and Pluto chronographs. This is why often sellers are claiming the Sicura brand is linked to Breitling, but in fact these are two different watch brands under the leadership of the same man in different periods of time.”


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  1. Mohammed Altaf Z Hussain says:

    Sir/Madam , I have 01 Sicura watch .Features 17Jewels, Fully Automatic, Full Day and Time with Stainless Steel Back ( Sea Horse logo)
    Its of Grand Father still in a working condition. Looking for new dial and Strap

  2. Donna Gayle says:

    I recently came across a Sicura pendant watch with rectangular lines and a thick lucite cover. The dial is identical to how the Sicura product is supposed to look. However, instead of the familiar “Sicura” on the lower front of the watch dial, it had “Sheffield” in script and further down, “Swiss Made” in block letters.

    I took a look at the movement, and the movement was marked “Swiss, unadjusted, one jewel, Sicura SA”, with the last part inscribed on the winder weight.

    Is there any reason for this discrepancy?

    • Mr. Tissot says:

      Logically Sicura made a run for Sheffield to sell under their own name. Made / ordered by Sicura for Sheffield and with a small change…the name on the dial.


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