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Tenor-Dorly is definitely not a head-turner for the average collector and certainly not for the general public. I think I can even say that if you did know of the brand, you are very close to becomming a watch connesseur yourself! So what about this Tenor-Dorly? First of all, the company does not exist in it original form any more, but restarted in 1997. Check out there website at In their old form, up until the late 1970’s it was a manufacture d’ horlogerie and perhaps even more then that!  Tenor-Dorly made some very interesting movements.

The company of Tenor-Dorly SA was founded in the 1950’s in the city of Tramelan, Switzerland. It produced many more movements than watches under their own name, so Tenor-Dorly is much less known as a watch manufacturer.I can easily claim this because I have this one for sale now for approximately a year for a very fair price but there is little intrest. This watch uses the Caliber 1335 automatic movement. The dial is clearly signed “TD” and “Tenor-Dorly.”
In 1970, Tenor-Dorly introduced their own calibre family. In 1975, this small company went bankrupt when they no longer could find success due to contemporary development of the quartz watch.

In 1974, the Tenor-Dorly automatic caliber became the base for the smallest automatic chronograph of that era. It was designed by Dubois-Depraz and produced by Kelek.

These chronographs used normal hands for an analogue display and also used a digital display. Combining a digital display with analogue hands for the chronograph functions is a classic amongst chronograph collectors. This style of watch was produced by different watch brand using TD(B)K (Tenor-Dorly-Kelek) movements. Above is a red one from my personal collection.Now for sale here

The best known one, though, is the rectangular case design. This watch is often featured in watch books and somehow square or rectangular watches seem to have a special place in the hearts of many collectors.

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Date: March 12, 2012
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  1. Hello

    My Dad imported some TD watches to Mauritius (a small island in the Indian Ocean) in the 70s. This is how I know TD. Well, though he was a teacher, he used to import quite a lot of things but his business never really picked up. He died a simple man.

    It was great reading about TD after such a long time (thanks to you).

    Thank you Mr. Tissot.



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