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Near mint and beautiful ref.5513 Submariner with a caliber 15xx movement. One of the longest running rolex watch models, introduced in the early 1960s (1963/1964).

This particular model had a serial number that dates it around 1980. It has the older style dial (no gold edges around markers and matte dial) which is pristine with some very slight corrosion on edge of hands (not visible without loupe). Runs perfectly keeping an excellent reserve and spot on timekeeping.

Unpolished or touched so very sharp with little or no wear. Occasional minuscule scratch here and there but nothing remarkable. Original diver bracelet with all of the markings as expected shows no stretch and has the diver extension. The finish of the movement, case, bracelet is outstanding.

A serious watch for the serious Rolex collector that is 100% original as it left the factory.


Item Summary

Date: April 24, 2016
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Brand: Rolex (CH)
Condition: Excellent
Period: 1980's
Category: Diver

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