What-a-watch: Lorenz Bullhead Regatta chrono

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This Lorenz Bullhead is very rare and interesting. The design is fully based on it’s mechanics. And the Valjoux 237 movement is so rare that only 300 pieces were ever produced. It is derived from the Valjoux 23 base movement and adjusted to show a colorful 5 minute count down disk through a hole. It also features a date window which is rare for chronographs from the 1970’s as well. In addition the reset works with a fly-back (can be reset without being stopped). There were different changes made to the Valjoux 23 which lead to an additional number in the movement designation. All adjustment made by Valjoux itself. This 237 being one of the rarest. Not all 300 movements were used by Lorenz. These watches are so scarce I can asume only 50-200 were ever made. There was also used in a LaPhare Chronograph that looked like this:


In this watch you can see there was a different printed date wheel and minute count-down wheel used because the movement was turned 90 degrees in comparison to that of the Lorenz. Check for more details and pictures. Also the small second hand was not used (removed / shortened). Perhaps a 100 of these were made. I have not seen this movement in any other watch.

The case back on this rare chronograph is simple. It reads “Waterproof”, “Antimagnetic”, “All steel”, Incabloc” and the model nr. “4051”. There is nothing on the inside of the case back. The only reason for this being so very few were ever made. The movement is signed with “Swiss 17 jewels” and “Seventeen Unadjusted”. Under the balance is a small shield with “R” in it for Valjoux and the number “237”.The case measures 46mm whide and has a beatiful curve. This is one rare and interesting watch.

Lorenz is a brand from Italy that started in 1934 with it’s parts sourched from Switzerland mostly. The current Company can be found at: http://www.lorenz.it/azienda.

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  1. Ruud jumphour says:

    What a nice watch!!
    Bit jump hour-like


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