Rare Breitling Sales Handbook from 1995, so already over 25 years old.


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GLYCINE AIRMAN- a 24 hour timeline of flight.  A great - out of print - booklet on all Glycine watches up to 2010 (year of print). Written by the Dutch collector André Stikkers. Content is based on his knowledge on the Glycine watches from the Airman type, presented in cooperation with the brand itself. Text is in English, there are 130 pages and all models are covered in large pictures with specs. This booklet measure 15 x 22 cm or 4 x 9 inches.



WATCH - history of the modern wristwatch

100% original and brand new book by Pieter Doensen

This is a must have reference book for collectors of Electric, LED, LCD and designers watches from the period 1950-1993. Pieter Doensen has written a comprehensive history of the of the designers watch from the pioneer work of the French manufacturer LIP up to the fashion houses of Cardin and Dior. "Watch" provides the well documented technical evolution of “collectible modern wrist watch” from the first electro-dynamic watch system developed by Hamilton in the early 1950’s up to the radio controlled watches of Junghans and the automatic quartz watches of Seiko and Jean d`Eve. Added are separate chapters for multi-functional watches and miscellanea such as for instance the race for the flattest watch. This book is a one of a kind that deals with rather the "non-mechanical" watches, it is packed with information, relevant details and illustrated with a large number of very clear photo's, mostly of watches from the authors own collection.



Part 1 - Designers, 1950 - 1983 ·  Part 2 - Early Electrics ·  Part 3 - Quartz watches ·  Part 4 - Miscellanea ·  Part 5 – Manufacturers, History of the most important watch manufacturers ·  Part 6 - Annex


This book features the history of watches and designers such as;
Richard Arbib (Hamilton Electric), Pierre Balmain, Prince Francois de Baschmakoff (LIP), Guccio Bertone (Buler), Max Bill (Junghans), Michael Boyer (LIP), Pierre Cardin (Jaeger), Alain Carre (Waterman), Jean Dinh Van (LIP), Christian Dior (Bulova), Tian Harlan (Chromachron), Isabelle Hebey (LIP), Marc Held (LIP), Nathan George Horwitt (Movado), Michael Kinn (LIP), Andre Le Marquand (Catena Spaceman), Serge Manzon (Longines), Pablo Morabito, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Dieter Rams (Braun), Sir Clive Sinclair, Roger Tallon (LIP), Bjorn Weckstrom (Lapponia) Very extensive LED / LCD / Digital / Electric / Designer section with very rare models including;

Sinclair, Braun, Girard Perregaux, Zodiac, Amida Digitrend, Hamilton Electric Ventura, Meteor, Victor, Van Horn, Spectra, Pacer, Vega, Omega Time Computer, Megaquartz, Jaz Derby Cylindrical Jump Hour, Heuer Chronosplit, Manhattan, Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork, Accuquartz; Hamilton Pulsar, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, Zenith Futur, Nepro Quartz, Croton, Solitron, Synchronar Solar, Yema, Longines, Pontiac, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Wittnauer, Pop-up LED, Sideview LED, Mido Swissonic, Waltham, Dynamic Scattering LCD, Seiko, Hughes Aircraft, Longines Gemini II, Elektronika, Junghans, Hewlett Packard HP-01 Calculator Watch, Omega Chronoquartz Albatros, ( no Rolex or Tudor Quartz), Mortima, Sicura Instalite, Swatch, Computron, Omega Dynamic, Alarm, Dual Time, World Time, Electronic, Chronograph watches and many many more! ·        

Book: Watch, History of the modern wrist watch ·        

Author: Pieter Doensen·        

ISBN: 905349135X·        

Publisher: Snoeck Ducaju & Zoon, N.V., Gent, Belgium·        

Published in: 1994 -> This book is brand new with a hard cover·        

Number of pages: 253·        

Images: hundreds of photographs in color·        

Language: English·        

Weight: About four pounds / almost 2 kg!·        


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