Now available to build or expand your collection are these selected pieces from the KIRIS-collection. Mr. Emre Kiris specialized in finding and restoring some of the most interesting early automatic wristwatches from the watchmaking discoveries in the 20th century ca. 1920-1940. These 10 form the Perpetual Primo-Collection and are now for sale individualy. 

The timeline of early automatic watches by Emre Kiris

Mr. Kiris has provided the watch collectors community with an invaluable piece of knowledge on the timeline (as shown above) of the development of the first automatic watches. His research is based not only on the patented inventions but also from his hands-on knowledge by collecting and restoring these interesting pieces. Together these watches form this Perpetual Primo - collection of 10 early automatics. The entire timeline story is available on his website at

These remarkable pieces are in the hands of new collectors

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The Collection

These 10 watches are at the cradle of the current automatic, centre rotor watches. Everything learned from these inventions compiled to the automatic watch we know today and the centre rotor found in almost every automatic winding watch movement.

1 - SOLD - Harwood automatic

First automatic wristwatch of the world, a hammer automatic. Bezel acts as crown to set time. Rose Gold case, 9 karat gold. Total of 34.000 units produced.

2 - SOLD - Autorist automatic 

Inventor: Again, John Harwood from the year 1929. Automatic winding by moving lugs action (lug at 6 o’clock position winds the mechanism). Total of 6.000 units produced.

3 - SOLD - Glycine Automatic Eccentric Seconds

Inventor: Eugene Meylan, Patented in 1930, Watch from 1935

Automatic module,auto ring mounted on 8,75 lignes manual movement to turn it into automatic movement. Crown only sets time.

4 - SOLD - Glycine Automatic Center Seconds

Inventor: Eugene Meylan,1930. Watch is from 1939 and presented at the New York World Fair as shock and water resistant. Automatic ring module mounted on manual winding base caliber to turn it into automatic.

5 - SOLD - Frey perpetual automatic

Inventor: Emil Frey,1929. a pendulum automatic. Art deco case 14kt gold filled.

Total of 1.500 units produced.

6 - SOLD - Rolls Automatic - WigWag

Inventor: Leon Hatot, 1930. Distributed by Blancpain in France therefore Hatot spelling in French ‘ Ato’ on dial. Movement moves up and down inside watchcase.

Art deco case ,9ct gold. Total of 5.000 units produced.

7 - SOLD - Pierce Linear Automatic - "Sawtooth"

Inventor: Leon Levy,1933. Linear automatic,watch winds on rails moving forth and back inside the case. Caseback is with 4 screws for water protection.

8 - SOLD - Wyler caseback automatic "Crichettino" 

 Watch has double caseback where one of them is hinged and moves a pin and winds the watch with vertical movement while being worn. Watchcase is marked ‘Mimo’ the parent company of Gerrard Perregaux.

9 - SOLD - Buren Pendulum 

Buren Watch Company,1956. a pendulum Automatic. Buren Caliber 525

10 - No longer available - Buren Micro-rotor 

Buren Watch Company,1956. Buren Superslender, Micro-rotor movement

First micro-rotor wristwatch ever.

General remarks on the Perpetual Primo - collection pieces

All watches are functional and come from a well taken care pedigree. Most of them are in the collection for over a decade. Rolls and Perpetual came a few years ago to the collection from the curator of the NAWCC museum, a good friend of Mr. Kiris and a known collector.

This is a not collection for beginners and novices. Senior level watch collecting would be recommended to house these engineering marvels of its time. These exotic movements function sometimes with single pins bridged between the case and movement, therefore sensitive handling is advised. Collectors having direct acces to watchmakers would handle this collection at best.

In order of appearance: 1 Harwood automatic  - 2 Autorist automatic -3 Glycine Automatic Eccentric Seconds - 4 Glycine Automatic Center Seconds - 5 Frey perpetual automatic - 6 Rolls Automatic - 7 Pierce Linear Automatic - 8 Wyler caseback automatic - 9 Buren Pendulum - 10 Buren Micro-rotor

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