3x Chronograph Picture frame 1950 original Swiss made


These original 1950's prints come in the perfect frame for display. You can hang them or place them upright on a shelf. This unique wall hanger measuring 52,5 x 25 cm or 21 x 10 inches. The white wooden frame holds 3 different prints from an advertisement booklet, printed in Switzerland for explaining all different types of chronographs to watch reseller in a generic fashion. This frame holds the following three:
1x Asthmometer doctors Chronograph 2 register for calculating respirations per minute in gold case
1x Hour recording Chronograph with 3rd register for elapsed hours in silver case
1x Production-counting Chronograph 2x registers for keeping track of units produced per hour in gold case.
The frame measures 3,5 cm or 1 1/2 inches thick and has a hanger on the back. The frame is new and in great condition, the pictures show some minimal constant aging for they are 70 years old.